Plans, reports, & media coverage

Official Material from the Public Record

Joint Case Management Statement – June 26,2018

PB Denial Decision – May 2, 2018

Submitted in Feb/ Mar 2018:

Design Review Board letter to Planning Board and the Applicant’s Response and Formal Objection.

Final legal letter to Planning Board from McGregor & Legere, and the summary letter from the ‘Save our Town Center’ public collective group.

Legal response to McGregor & Legere from the Applicants.

Older files:

Updated Draft Conditions, to be discussed on Jan 8th, 2018 (7:45 @ Sargent Memorial Library). Both ‘redlined’ and ‘clean copies’ have been provided.

Legal Advice from McGregor & Legere with details on why the existing site plan application does not conform to the relevant 2012 bylaws, and examples of Legal Precedent for the Planning Board to DENY the site plan.

A community-driven research statement regarding why the existing plan represents a danger to motorists and pedestrians on Mass Ave / 111.

Most current site plans (September 5, 2017)

Recent Staff Report, aka summary of pending concerns (September 28, 2017)

Detailed 2012 by-laws (as applied to this project – see page 22-23)

Artist’s rendering of planned ‘downsized’ homes, posted June 1, 2017

Traffic study appendix, and  Peer Review Letter, and applicant responses to Peer Review

Fiscal Assessment (Toll Bros) re. the income Boxborough may receive

Environmental Studies, EENF , Stormwater report and related documents (manual) – updated Stormwater report, revised June 23, 2017

previous submitted design maps & Recalculated plans without including wetland areas

Massachusetts Blasting guidelines from Fire Chief

All additional documentation (under ‘700, 750 & 800 Mass Ave’)

Media reports and links related to Toll Brothers (TOL):

Buildings currently for sale in Stow By Toll Brothers

NBC news: Taking a Toll: Why Home Buyers Say They Lost Their Life Savings When Trying to Purchase Homes

Distant Toll project in PA: ‘What Toll Doesn’t Want you to Know

(it’s amazing what you’ll find if you Google ‘Toll Brothers reviews’)

Media reports and links related to Fenton and Jeanson: 

Acton developer accused of false profits

Lawsuit in Acton – dropped lawsuit

Hidden profits in Boxborough Meadows also covered in the Globe

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New Media Coverage:

Excellent summary (prepared overnight!) in the Beacon, regarding the 9/11/2017 Public Hearing and a Beacon report on the 10/2/2017 Public Hearing, as well as the ‘continued’ 11/20 Hearing.

Extensive article in the Worcester Business Journal, Aug 21, 2017

Short piece in the Boston Globe: ‘What is it like to live in Boxborough?’, June 15, 2017

Other articles in the Beacon

re Paddock Estates

re Regency at Boxborough: March 31, 2017

re Regency at Boxborough: July 20, 2017

re a much earlier version of the proposal (96 single family homes), submitted under 40B (ie, before Paddock Estates) called ‘Minuteman Village’ July 17, 2012  and another article on September 6, 2012, regarding the Board of Selectmen’s plan to send a letter to Mass Health to request that Fenton & Jeanson’s application be denied.