More than 20 years ago, an 80+ acre parcel of land was sold and re-zoned to become “Boxborough Town Center”. The idea was that while it was private property, there were plans to build 10-12 commercial buildings, a town common and possibly even a library were proposed. The vision for this land was to give the town a Center area for its residents so that they could walk to shops, have a common meeting area and it also was going to provide some over 55 condos for people in the town (like Sheriff’s meadow). Portions of the land was sold by lifetime resident John Lyons to developers Fenton and Jeanson, who were added to the Boxborough Town Center LLC.

Fenton and Jeanson developed Boxborough Meadows, and what followed was litigation from the town. The town ended up settling for $1.2 million.

Fenton and Jeanson at some point later in time came under agreement to sell the Boxborough Town Center development and building plans to Toll Brothers (TOL). They then submitted a new plan which did away with all of the provisions that had been specified by the town planning board, such as the public/common areas. The new plans are to build a 100 unit development, with a private pool and recreation center on a private road (with or without gates, will NOT be accessible to the public) that will enter onto 111, with additional emergency and construction access roads onto Stow and Priest/Burroughs.

For more information on the planned development characteristics see the Current Development Characteristics

Something else to consider is that an essential aspect of the character of Boxborough is the natural spaces and wildlife, and according to the Town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan, the Town Center zoned property is designated a Priority plot on the map of Lands of Open Space, Conservation, Agriculture, and Recreation Interest (Map 10, Page 73).

Also under Section VIII (page 81), the first goal for Priority land parcels is:
“To protect and/or acquire additional lands for conservation, water resource protection, wildlife habitat, agricultural land preservation, recreation, trails, and wildlife corridors.”