The Development

Characteristics of the Current Proposed Development

  • It will be 100 very densely packed senior (55+) housing units, crowded close to the property line due to the presence of wetlands on the acreage – permitted due to a zoning bylaw loophole that was closed in 2013… immediately after the current proposal was submitted. This property is considered under the 2012 bylaws.
  • There is some inconsistency as to whether the 55+ age requirement will be deed-restricted, or otherwise at all enforceable.
  • They will sell for $550K+.
  • The main access road is off 111, with ’emergency’ access through Sheriff’s meadow onto Stow Rd, and through Priest Rd onto Burroughs Rd. These accesses may or may not be gated to restrict access.
  • There will also be continuous access for all construction equipment right through Sheriff’s meadow – throughout the 5+ years of construction.
  • Each stand alone condo will have 2-3 bedrooms, a basement and a double garage. A 55 year old person does NOT have to be on the deed. They only have to “occupy” it. No kids under 18 can live permanently. However, extra bedrooms are for “visits”. Potentially, the entire complex could have up to 600 people living there, and will likely have between 200-300.
  • The Toll Brothers have indicated that the construction / sales period could continue over *5 YEARS* or more, depending on the rate of sales. There will be clearcutting of 200+ year old forest, removal of top soil, *significant* blasting of the rocky ledge in order to normalize the grade to meet State standards of less than 5.0% in 55+ housing communities. Water drainage will undoubtedly be altered on this wetland-containing property.
  • The Town has requested that no physical gate be added to the entrance on 111, but the reported intent is that the community will not be open to the pubic, including the pool / recreation center, nor any sidewalks that are built.
  • The current ‘look and feel’ is not in keeping with the rural character of our town as outlined in the Boxborough 2030 plan (
  • The project is so big will require state approval for several aspects.