Town Center Decision Promised for April 10, 7:30pm @ Town hall

The Planning Board will vote on the proposed Site Plan for this property tomorrow night, April 10, according to Planning Board Chair John Markiewicz.  Three of the four voting members of the Board clearly declared themselves for denial at last week’s meeting on April 3. However, the Chair asked the Board to continue “thinking” for one more week.

Please plan to attend to show your support for a decision to deny the Site Plan application as currently proposed. After many months of debate and uncertainty surrounding this project, this will be a defining moment for the Planning Board, for the  Applicant, and for the Save Our Town Center group.

Although it is not typical for Site Plan applications in Massachusetts to be denied, there is well-documented legal precedent for denial by local Planning Boards. It is also well-established that the ultimate authority to interpret a town’s zoning bylaws rests with local Boards.

If the Planning Board votes to deny this project, it is critical that its denial is based on the legal application of Boxborough’s zoning bylaws to the proposed Site Plan. The most important fact in this case is the failure of the Applicants to demonstrate their legal rights to use two emergency access points: one at Priest Lane and the other at Sheriff’s Meadow.  If you live in or near either of these access point, please plan to attend.

Our hope for tomorrow night is a brief meeting followed by a vote to deny.  Please join us at 7:30 P.M. at Town Hall.

 Citizens to Save Our Town Center

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