Town Center plus a Solar Farm – 2 days and counting!

We didn’t make it into Action Unlimited this week, but they did publish our announcement for the 11/20 meeting – all the text is still relevant, so I’m highlighting it here.

I know it was frustrating in the extreme to make plans (and recruit neighbors!) to attend last week’s aborted Public Hearing – but that just makes it MORE important that we do everything possible to fill the room on Monday night!

Come hear about Conditions – and some NEW research from your community!

Sargent Memorial Library – the estimated start time is 8:20pm, but we’d love to have the room filled *before* the official start time at 7:30.

The earlier discussion will also be of interest, in fact – did you know there is a proposal to put in a large-scale Solar Farm on old Cisco property? It’s a tricky debate – clear a LOT of trees to make way for (commercial / for-profit) clean energy. Public input is welcome and encouraged on this project, too!

(EDIT – the Solar farm is NOT on the 11/27 agenda, but will be on the schedule on December 18th. There is a great commentary posted by a resident on the Environmental Council who is supporting this proposal. Please read her rationale if you’d like to learn more!)

Enjoy the weekend, but please join us Monday night.


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