Running scared? The Developers cancelled tonight’s meeting!!

Dear all,

Well – our wave of support & interest may have thrown a bit of a wrench into things today.

In theory, in just a few short hours, a large portion of our community was supposed to gather  to hear the Planning Board present – for the first time – its drafted set of Conditions upon which it may accept the submitted proposal to build a private development of 100 new homes on the parcel of land that was intended to become a shared, mixed-use Town Center for all.

However, at the 11th hour (again!), the applicants have indicated that they will request a continuance this evening, since the Planning Board did not provide them with an advance copy of the draft Conditions.

Those Conditions were to be reviewed in front of Town Counsel, who had to cancel their appearance tonight due to a family member’s death.

(Side note – in the last 10 months, at the majority of these Hearings, the applicants have brought ‘new material’ to the Planning Board – without giving them any time to read it in advance. I can’t for the life of me see why the Planning Board couldn’t present their draft Conditions tonight in person, even without Town Counsel present. Seems like a convenient excuse to me – one that smells like something straight out of a ‘how to break a community’s momentum’ play book… no?)

So, a number of us will be sure to attend this evening to push for a pubic continuance – ideally with as much notice as possible, given the scheduling changes that were already made by many to attend the meeting tonight! – and we will circle back to let you know when that next Hearing will be held.

(If anyone would like to join us, feel free! We can even move the ‘meeting’ to a different public place if we can answer any of your questions, or if you’d like to meet some neighbors with related concerns)

That said, I’ll just leave you with this illustration of just how engaged we have all become, at least based on our website traffic this weekend.

As you can see – and the pattern is consistent in the volume of Facebook discussion in both the closed and public groups – there is a large and growing groundswell of interest and objection amongst community members.

We have not given up.

We will NOT give up.

We will not accept this proposal as a matter of attrition.

Thank you for sticking with us in this – even in the face of what feel like sneaky corporate maneuvering!

Yours in community,

Heather, Wes, and so many of your neighbors.

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