Traffic Detour – see you this weekend!

Greetings, Community –

With the construction planned this weekend on 111 / Mass Ave, all traffic will be routed onto Stow/Burroughs Road or Middle Road @ the Town Hall.

This offers a great chance for residents to ‘see’ where the planned 100 new houses will be built (and also get a taste for what traffic on and off these intersections may look like, in that future).

So, watch for my new signs, and feel free to slow down and peek up and out your window as you pass by. Up above the few houses is where all the new condos will be built.

(After an estimated 5 years of blasting, construction, and 25,000 cubic yards of earth removal, aka 2500 truck trips on our roads, each weighing ~75000 lb. Gee, I wonder what condition Stow and Burroughs Roads will be in after that. Not to mention Priest Lane… if the trucks can even navigate that hill in the first place, of course.)

Yeah. I love this whole plan. 😐

Hope to see you at the Planning Board Public Hearing on Monday 11/20. I’ll have more blog posts and a newsletter coming out over the next few days to help you get ready.


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