The real Town Center that Might Have Been…

One of the things that was most enlightening to me is that a REAL town center plan was in the works, as recently as June, 2000. We’ve obtained public record copies of those plans – both the original concept from March, and the detailed site plan drawings submitted only *3 months* later.

When you click on the plans, you’ll see that they included:

  • Commercial development
  • Municipal development
  • Residential development (totaling only 39 units)

What happened to these plans? Does anyone here remember? Please comment, to share with the rest of us. I wish that the Planning Board could insist that the applicants to at least re-explore this concept, and indicate why the plan was called off. I’m guessing it is due to lack of water?

I appreciate that there would still be MANY concerns regarding a development this size at the center of town, but a) THAT is what the Planning Board process is for, and b) I suspect a lot of the opposition to the current proposal would be tempered if the development was going to be a more obvious benefit to residents, rather than a ‘cash cow’ for developers who’ve already been proven to cheat Boxborough, and a MEGA-builder who is planning giant cookie-cutter luxury homes at a density that Boxborough simply does not welcome.

Besides, where is the DPW going to put the new Fire Station that we approved to plan at Town Meeting this year? What if the Town were to buy this land for Municipal Purposes? Have the BoS even explored that idea?

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