Letters from the Community

We’re using this page to offer links to a collection of letters from individuals that have been sent to the Planning Board from Boxborough Residents. Send us yours (hello@boxboroughtowncenter.org) and we’d be happy to include it here!

We hope you will consider reading these notes to a) learn about what your community members are thinking about the proposed development, and b) offer some guidance as to the letter(s) you might decide to write.

So far, we have been advocating for everyone in town to attend the Public Hearing meetings of the Planning Board – and that is still a vital part of the community’s involvement in their decision making.

However, since these Hearings have been ongoing since January, many of the issues that concern residents have already been raised, and in not too long, it is likely that the Public Hearing portion of the proposal consideration will be closed.

Before that happens, it is essential that the Planning Board hear from YOU.

  • What concerns you most?
  • What aspect(s) of the proposal do you like, or dislike?
  • What would you like to see the Planning Board decide, or offer as ‘conditions’ that accompany their approval of the application, if granted?

In this case, even if the letters raise the same points, the important factor is that the Planning Board can see how many people in town have things to say about this proposal.

Please consider sharing your voice.

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2 Replies to “Letters from the Community”

  1. Moved to Boxborough about 25 years ago.
    Used to have deer and wild turkeys outside my living window.
    Used to be able walk across Mass Ave to go jogging on Stow Rd. To be honest with you, crossing 111 to get to Stow Rd has become a dangerous deal.
    Someone needs to monitor all the traffic on Mass Ave, it is destroying our community. It’s a state road, but the police need to strictly enforce traffic laws on 111. Stay away form the 495 interchange and protect the folks along 111.
    I’m kind of sad that I actually bought my home here.

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