Coverage of our Community efforts in the Worcester Business Journal

So – I just received a note from my husband, letting me know that my face just appeared in his Google news feed. 😛

Turns out that the article covering our community efforts to raise awareness and involvement in the Public Comment phase of the Town Center zoned development proposal included a photo of yours truly.

Grant Welker covers the community effort to gather input on the Town Center development proposal

The Worcester Business Journal presents an angle to ‘our’ story that I hadn’t fully appreciated till now – namely, that there are very few opportunities to develop in our sleepy little town, despite a lot of commercial forces that make living here in Boxborough very desirable.

Here’s hoping that the additional coverage will help us raise even more awareness, and encourage some additional attendance at the next Planning Board meeting (9/11, venue tbd, 8:00pm).

I’ve checked with the Town Planner regarding the news that has been going around that this will be the last Public Hearing opportunity. The answer is *we don’t know*. It is up to the Planning Board to decide when to close the Public forum aspect, and they’ve said previously that they will keep it open as long as NEW points are being raised, and/or new material is being presented (by residents, or the applicants).

I’ll prepare a more detailed post later this week with a list of possible answers to the ‘What Can I Do?’ question that I’ve been hearing a lot. But for now, I wanted to share the link the WBJ article. What do you think of the reporter’s take on our situation here in town?

PS – I still have a small number of signs, if you’d like one for your lawn. Mine has finally become sufficiently ‘weathered’ that I plan to swap it out for a new one. Not bad for a $5 paper sign that has been in the elements since February!


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