See you at the Annual Town Meeting!

** repurposing my Facebook group post **

Tonight is the night! My first Annual Town Meeting.

I’m feeling a bit sheepish that this will be my first time attending, but having little kids at home has made (until recently) evening outings a bit challenging.

I’d love some advice! Any tips or tricks? Thoughts on what to expect?

I’ll be reading through the warrant today, and I spent last night making name tags and handouts to share this evening… hoping to keep spreading the word about BTC.

I’m amazed at how many people – even abutters! – have just heard what is being planned in the last week or so. We still have a lot of residents to reach with our message to join the conversation!

If you’d like a name tag sticker to wear tonight, look for me. I have lots (in neon pink, yellow, and green) and am hoping it will identify us as ‘people to ask’ about what all the red ‘save our town center‘ signs mean.

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  1. Oh, and if you look around the site a bit, I’ve updated several pages here and there, with details and updated links. Check it out!

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