New material for May 1 meeting

While this isn’t a lot of notice, I wanted to share that there have been some public record additions with regard to the BTC LLC’s application to the Planning Board. This material will likely be presented in detail tomorrow evening (7:30pm, 30 Middle Road).

Here is a draft of the area calculations that were requested in March (which the Applicants previously refused to provide at the last meeting) that removes the wetland-containing area from the denominator.  Based on this plan, the covered land increases from 18.3% (including the wetland), to 33.7% – though these figures do not include sidewalks or sports courts / pool. Personally, the math seems to check out, but visually it looks like a lot more than a 15% difference, to me (see pictured below, or the link)

A second document was also posted, which is an external review of the Traffic Impact and Access Study (provided, December 2016).

This current review cites some inconsistencies with the data used to forecast possible changes in traffic flow / crashes in light of the proposed development. And some larger concerns are also raised, regarding the sight lines and safety of the planned traffic entrance on 111/Mass Ave were also raised.

I’m sure these issues will be raised on Monday night. And I fear it brings us back to the question of what is the safest place for traffic to turn/enter into the development: Mass Ave, or Stow Road, or Priest Lane / Burroughs road.

For one, I know I have a lot of questions, and I expect you will, too.

Please be sure to sign-in when you arrive, so that the Beacon will have a more accurate head count if they write up this story again.

And if you absolutely can’t attend in person, feel free to join our Facebook group and watch for our videos. The Developer is taping each meeting session, so we are recording a public copy, as well.

If we can, we’d be happy to ask questions on your behalf. (I know a lot of us may not be able to arrange for babysitters both this week, and next week for Town Meeting!)

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