What can we do to stop this?

By far the most frequent question we receive is some variant of: “What can we do to stop this?”

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Like all things related to the government, there is no fast or direct way to stop or reduce the development. Much of the “fight” will play out in 3 arenas: Planning Board, Conservation Committee, and the State’s Board of Health (Water & Sewage issues).

One of the most important things that we can do is to talk about it and raise awareness within the town. Individually we may not have any ideas or a right idea, but together with the town we may be able to reduce or stop the development.

Here is a list of boards that are involved and what types of things they handle:

Planning Board:
All things related to the building codes, town planning, etc.

  • Population Density
  • Traffic Concerns
  • Strain of public services
  • Rainwater runoff

Conservation Committee:
All things related to the wetlands and conservation areas within and bordering of the development.

  • Water that is pumped out of the pool containing chemicals
  • Clear cutting of trees
  • Impervious surface

State Board of Health:
All things related to the public wells being drilled, as well as water treatment facility and plans.

  • Draw of water on shared water source
  • Drainage of treated water

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